Post-Game Reaction To The Seattle Seahawks Loss

Post-Game Reaction To The Seattle Seahawks Loss

The Seattle Seahawks loss was a bad one, a really bad one. Losing to the Baltimore Ravens 37-3 is downright embarrassing and not acceptable. Trust me, I totally understand that.

At the end of the day, I am a fan, and a big fan of the Seahawks, so I am going to pull my regular Mr. Positive fandom out today. Why Not? 

The good news is that the Seahawks play the Washington Commanders next, and then the Los Angeles Rams. I think they Seahawks can win both games and be sitting at 7-3. 

If the Seahawks are 7-3 are you going to complain? No. you're going to look at the NFC West standing and the Seahawks will be 1st of 2nd. OR we will be the 5th seed, aka the 1st NFC Wild Card team, just like we are right now.

If we are 7-3, we are going into Thanksgiving against the San Francisco 49ers and the winner of that game will be in 1st place. Let's not forget they are also playing football at a lower level right now. It's simply the truth. 

I talked about it on my YouTube channel after the game:

No I am not saying today is okay, I am not saying we will win with Geno Smith playing like this. BUT, the NFL is a short memory business. They win 2 in a row, and the confidence changes, the whole vibe changes. That is the truth. So let's not quick yet. 

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