Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll Ranking Among Head Coaches Is Shocking

Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll Ranking Among Head Coaches Is Shocking

CBS Sports produced a ranking of all the head coaches in the NFL. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll ranked 8th. Not bad but he’s better than that.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is once again underrated in ranking of head coaches

Reid has a better all-time winning percentage than Carroll (.633 to .593) but Carroll had to completely make over the Seahawks when he became head coach in 2010. It took him just a bit over two years to do that which is fairly quick work. And four years after taking over in Seattle, Carroll won a Super Bowl.

But some of the other coaches ahead of Carroll are Buffalo’s Sean McDermott and Matt LaFleur. Neither are bad coaches but neither is as good as Carroll. McDermott is in his 6th season as a head coach. Carroll is in his 17th. Let’s see if McDermott is still coaching in 11 years.

LaFleur is four seasons in with the Packers. He took over a team that had one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history (Aaron Rodgers) in a division (the NFC North) that isn’t really very good. The NFC West, home of the Seahawks, has been much better in the last four seasons, for instance, than the NFC North.

The Seahawks are great, year in and year out, there is no way Pete Carroll should ever rank below a top 5 head coach in the NFL. 

This is not just a Seattle Seahawks bias opinion, it should be the opinion everyone sees just based on the facts.

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