Seattle Seahawks Trade For Giants DL Leonard Williams

Seattle Seahawks Trade For Giants DL Leonard Williams

The Seattle Seahawks are telling us that they are not messing around as the trade for DL Leonard Williams from the New York Giants. The Seahawks are sending a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick.

They said to us, to themselves, & to the NFL that they are here to compete.

They are going all in. They see a window.

The 2nd round pick they sent was so the Giants pay Leonard Williams contract. The Giants are taking on most of the $10 million owed to Williams, sources told ESPN. The Seahawks will owe Williams about $647,000 for the remainder of the season, which is the prorated amount of the veteran minimum base salary of $1.165 million. Williams had $10 million remaining on his $18 million base salary for 2023, which the teams agreed to lower to the vet minimum as part of the trade, per sources.

 The Giants paid Williams the balance in the form of a signing bonus.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll noted that the trade won't be finalized until Williams arrives at team headquarters and passes a physical Tuesday. But when asked what he liked about Williams, Carroll said, "Oh man, everything, everything," and noted that he has kept a close eye on Williams throughout his career because of their USC connection.

"We've watched him for a long time and have known him for a good while, a Trojan and all that," Carroll said. "He's a fantastic football player. He's the kind of guy that can make a difference in games. He's really a nice player."

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