The Seattle Mariners Need To Spend Money To Compete.

The Seattle Mariners Need To Spend Money To Compete.

Ignore the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s not the usual. The Seattle Mariners NEED to spend money to win. It’s pretty clear when you look at the MLB Playoff picture, and who consistently wins. 

The Astros and Rangers... No Mariners in sight, once again. Two division rivals made the ALCS and the Texas Rangers made the World Series. 

Interestingly enough, yes they are both in the Top 10 in payroll. The teams in BOLD made the postseason:

MLB payrolls in 2023

N.Y. Mets, $353,546,854
N.Y. Yankees, $276,999,872
San Diego, $248,995,932
Philadelphia, $243,009,439
L.A. Dodgers, $222,717,834
L.A. Angels, $212,228,096
Toronto, $ 209,938,983
Atlanta, $203,077,500
Texas, $195,869,490
Houston, $192,667,233

Now 6/10 made the playoffs, I am not saying it's something to ride home about.

But from the ALCS and NLCS it's likely going to be 3/4 teams that in the Top 10 in spending.

The Diamondbacks are just odd. But we love them Snakes still, a lot of former Mariners players. 

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