Why This Seattle Seahawks Win Was Special

Why This Seattle Seahawks Win Was Special

There is only one way to look at this Seahawks win from Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks faced the number one defense, and the number one pass rush in the NFL in the Cleveland Browns, and yet, found a way to pull out a win.

The Seattle Seahawks did not have a pretty win at all, but that is what made it so special. We thought it was over many times, but somehow, someway, they pulled off a win. That is what is special.

This feels like such a throwback Seahawks win, when nothing goes your way, the defense keeps you in the game, but the offense was quiet all game. THEN BOOM. The defense makes a big play and the Seahawks score with 38 seconds left. Special. Classic. 

There is nothing better than the Seahawks just 'finding a way' but that shows how good the players, the coaches, and the culture is.

The Seahawks surpassed the 49ers for 1st place in the NFC West and got all the way up to the 2nd best record in the NFC after the Eagles.


This team might not get it done in a good looking way, but they always get it done. I could not be happier with this win against a very good team in Cleveland. 

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