Ranting About The Seattle Mariners & The World Series
Ranting About The Seattle Mariners & The World Series

Ranting About The Seattle Mariners & The World Series

Well, the season is over. Let’s start with this. The Seattle Mariners are now the only team in the AL West with no ring. The only one. That sucks.

As always we are the only team in the MLB to also NEVER MAKE a World Series. That also sucks.

Now, I’ll say some maybe popular, maybe unpopular thoughts. I’d rather see this happen than the Astros win again that’s 100% for me. Don’t care if that’s weird. Just my feelings.

While I was rooting for the Arizona Diamondbacks for Paul Sewald, for Ketel Marte, for the Rangers to lose, for us to not be alone in the AL WEST… all of that… there is one thing that might be good. Proving that spending money works. It really does. Don’t give me “the Mets, the Padres, blah blah blah”. The Rangers won cause they spent money and made moves. Simply that.

There’s no way around it. The Texas Rangers wanted a World Series quickly — and spent over $800 MILLION to get it. They had 102 losses in 2021. They won the whole damn thing in 2023.

The Seattle Mariners have an owner who won’t spend that much, he might spend on Julio Rodriguez, but he won’t do it for multiple players. I want him to sell the team. John Stanton needs to sell the team.

The reality is, he is not going to. So what’s next? I really don’t know. Maybe pray that Shohei Ohtani is so worth it that Stanton is willing to pay the most? But I also don’t believe it for some reason.

Now, this is a rant, just saying words that are on my mind because I’m not trying to record a YouTube video right now.

There is some positive things at least. The DBacks didn’t win the World Series, sure, but they did make it by being young, good, savvy, etc. Maybe the Mariners can build that and win it all with our good pitching and good young players (and add a piece or two at value).

I feel like the Cubs did that well. Built young, won it all, and made it happen. So maybe, just maybe that’ll happen.

We are NOT BAD. We just aren’t at the Astros or Rangers level yet, and we must find a way. We also only finished a couple games behind the World Series champs 2 years in a row.

That’s cool, but not cool enough unfortunately. How do you think it’ll happen? I want all your thoughts?

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