The Seattle Seahawks Need To Use DK Metcalf Correctly

The Seattle Seahawks Need To Use DK Metcalf Correctly

DK Metcalf is a number one wide receiver in the NFL, but it feels like the Seattle Seahawks aren't using him the right way. There are times where he gets the targets and gets the attention like he is a number one... Then there are the times where he is just not even used. 

He has the right body to be the true #1 guy, 6'3" 229 pounds. He has everything we could ask for to be that guy, but the offense just isn't working that way.

Yes, the offense in general isn't clicking the way it should, but you even see today in a 37-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens... The only WR on the team right now that make a big play happen out of nothing is DK Metcalf. 

Tyler Lockett is an amazing, underrated WR, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba is starting to show why he is a 1st round pick, but they don't have the body of DK Metcalf. 

DK Metcalf only got 4 targets today, and still made that 1 catch go for a 50 yard play. The biggest, and only big play of the day.

He isn't perfect, he isn't Justin Jefferson, don't get me wrong... But, they need to use him better in this offense. 

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