Seahawks Defense Since Week 4 Has Been The Best in the NFL

Seahawks Defense Since Week 4 Has Been The Best in the NFL

The Seattle Seahawks were not living up to what the Seahawks fan base is used to. We used to watch the Legion of Boom, and watch defenses that helped propel us to back to back Super Bowls. After some time, that faded away and we didn't see much defensive dominance. Thankfully, things are slowly getting back to normal.

Last year in 2022, there was some small glimpses of hope that the Seahawks were ready to be a great defense, but there were clearly some gaps. 

Now in 2023, things have really come alive. With the draft classes from the last two seasons, and bringing Bobby Wagner, we've seen a transformed Seattle Seahawks defense, especially the last couple weeks.

On top of that, they brought back Frank Clark to the defensive line, and traded for Leonard Williams, so this line should only get better.

So how good has the Seahawks defense been?

As you can see, since Week 4 of this NFL season, the Seahawks are 1st in points per game allowed, 1st in yards per play allowed, 2nd in yards per game allowed, and 1st in sacks per game. That's how good they have been. Truly a masterpiece success. 

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